Jon Rafkind

Fremont, CA | (617) 470 4281 |


  Ph.D in Computer Science

    University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 2007-2013

    GPA: 3.976

    Advisor: Matthew Flatt

    Research Area: Languages and systems

    Courses: Formal verification, Operating Systems, Compilers

    Dissertation: Syntactic Extension for Languages with Implicitly Delimited and Infix Syntax

  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Northeastern University, Boston MA 2001-2005

    College of Computer and Information Science

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Work Experience

  HeadSpin 4/2017 - Current

    VP of Engineering

  HPE 6/2013 -­ 4/2017

    Senior Software Engineer VI (Expert) with the Fortify group

Sun Microsystems 5/2008 ­- 8/2008

  Internship at the Programming Languages group

Citigroup Corporate and Investment Bank 2004 -­ 2007

  Analytics Library Framework ­ Software Engineer

EMC 2003 -­ 2004

  PowerPath ­- Quality Assurance



Honu: Syntactic Extension for Algebraic Notation through Enforestation. Rafkind, Flatt. GPCE 2012

Run Your Research: On the Effectiveness of Lightweight Mechanization, Klein, Clements, Dimoulas, Eastlund, Felleisen, Flatt, McCarthy, Rafkind, Tobin-Hochstadt, POPL 2012

Growing a Syntax. Allen, Culpepper, Neilsen, Rafkind, Ryu. FOOL 2009

Precise Garbage Collection for C. Rafkind, Wick, Regehr, Flatt. ISMM 2009

Other Interests




 Martial Arts ­ 2nd Dan in Tae Kwon Doe