David C Rafkind

Education   University of Maryland at College Park             College Park, MD
            M.S. degree in Computer Science                 Sep 2000 - May 2002
                - Scholarly Paper: "Information Discovery in Spatio-Temporal
                    Earth Science Data"
                - Research Project: ESS/NPACI Spatial/Temporal Data Browser
                - Final GPA: 3.63

                Rochester Institute of Technology                 Rochester, NY
                B.S. degree in Computer Science             Sep 1996 - May 2000
                - Concentrations in Networks, Parallel Computing, Math
                - Final GPA, 3.99
                - Awards/Activities:
                    Presidential Scholarship
                    Computer Science House
                    Outstanding Undergraduate Award
                    Computer Science Department Alumni Prize

Experience  Amazon						     Austin, TX
	    SDE2/AIM Access Team      	    	          August 2016 - Present
		- Custom fulfillment center process reporting based on operational metrics
		- Participated in development of new database product:
		  - Authentication microservice 
		  - SDK
		  - JDBC
		  - Custom SQL implementation
		- Operational and production support of new database product
		- Many candidate interviews
		- Introduction of Amazon best-practices to new hires
		- Java, AWS (DynamoDB)
	    Amazon						  Cambridge, MA
	    SDE2/NLU Service I18n Team       	    November 2015 - August 2016
		- NLU Service I18n Tech Lead
		- Planning, architecture, design for I18n of NLU Webservice
		- Ramping up new hires and new manager
		- Scrum master for day to day team activities
		- Successful Beta launch and final launch
	    Amazon						  Cambridge, MA
	    SDE2/NLU Service Team       	   October 2012 - November 2015
		- NLU and Entity Resolution webservice development
		- Custom accuracy reporting system in deployment pipeline
		- Production operations, metrics and oncall
		- Use of Java, Python, AWS (SQS, CloudSearch)
            Deloitte						     Boston, MA
            Senior Associate			    October 2010 - October 2012
		- Geospatial analysis and demo building
		- C#, Java, JavaScript web development
		- Linux, Windows system administration
		- MSSQL, Oracle, Postgres administration and development
		- Continuation of legacy Traverse projects
		- Satellite photo dissemination platform (C#, ASP.NET MVC)
		- Work on FCC Broadband Map
		- Built Geocoding self-service webapp using web services
            Traverse Technologies                                    Boston, MA
            Software Engineer                           May 2008 - October 2010             
                - Participated in refactor of dig permitting system for the 
                  city of San Antonio, using J2EE technologies (Spring, JSF, 
                - Designed and built a web-based selection and import tool for
                  geospatial database models using Apache Wicket
		  - Helped create Voter targeting system (Flex/PHP/Mysql)
		  - Developer on Satellite photo distribution webapp (C#, ASP.NET 
		    MVC, JQuery)
                - Investigated integrating web mapping software with custom
                  data generation
                - Participated in SCRUM methodologies
            Personal GPS Tracking Project                         Arlington, VA
            Developer                                      July 2007 - May 2008 
                - Development of Erlang server for realtime GPS tracking
		- Prototype web application in Java 1.6 on top of the Winstone
		  servlet container, StringTemplate templating system,
		  PostgreSQL database with PostGIS extensions, Persist ORM/DAO
		- Custom mapping UI libraries and limited GIS functionality
		  (such as routing) in Java, using Census TIGER data and UMN

	    Google NY                                                    NY, NY
	    Software Engineer in Test                      Dec 2006 - June 2007
		- Designed and built part of an automated test framework for
		  Google Spreadsheets in Java and Python
		- Scheduled test report generation using XML/XSL, integration
		  into other internal test tools
		- Web testing using Selenium, JMeter, Firebug
            UMD, Center for Environmental Energy Engineering   College Park, MD
            Faculty Research Advisor                       Sept 2004 - Nov 2006
            Thermal Analysis Partners LLC                                      
		- Created custom user interface components for Vapor
		  Compression Cycle, Heat Exchanger designs in C#/WinForms
		- Created custom XML data serialization for Heat Exchanger
		  designs in C#
		- Ported, debugged, tested gradient-based optimization software
		  from MATLAB to managed C++
		- Created standalone Heat Exchanger Optimization application in
		  C# with Excel
		- Designed and built a distributed multithreaded parallel job
		  distribution framework using C# and .NET remoting
		- Created custom license components for software distribution
		  in C#
		- Modification and maintenance of internal and external
		  websites, custom web log reporting (IIS/Apache)

		- Created custom ActiveX control in VB6 for visualization of
		  thermal property curves and cycles
		- Created custom license components for software distribution
		  in VC6
		- Modification and maintenance of internal and external
		  websites, and payment infrastructure

            ESRI                                                     Vienna, VA
            Technical Marketer                            June 2003 - Sept 2004
                - Designed, developed, and presented prototypes, tools, and
                  demonstrations in support of Java-based GIS products
                - Preformed testing and gave feedback to development teams on 
                  Java-based client and server products
                - Provided developer support and other technical assistance to 
                  customers attempting to use Java-based GIS products
                - Installed solutions on Windows, Solaris, AIX, Linux platforms

            Peace Technology / NHLBI at NIH                        Bethesda, MD
            Senior Programmer                             July 2002 - June 2003
		- Work done under intramural project at NHLBI/NIH
		- Created custom JSP-based reporting tools for scientific data
		  analysis (Tomcat) 
		- Designed and created DICOM protocol tools and integrated them
		  into data infrastructure
		- Designed and created tools for 3D reconstruction of mouse
		  microtome and gene chip array data with Java/Swing 

Internships OC Systems                                              Fairfax, VA
            Software Development Intern                 June 2000 - August 2000
                - Created regression tests for debugging software
                - Designed and implemented a Java Byte Code transformer to
                  extract debugging information from running Java programs
                - Maintained and updated existing debugging tools 

            Object Technology International                         Phoenix, AZ
            Embedded Systems Intern                      March 1999 - Sept 1999
                - Tested and debugged a Java virtual machine designed for 
                  multiple embedded platforms.
                - Wrote test scripts and organized performance results for
                  Java VM on multiple platforms.
                - Wrote regression tests for multi-platform compiler suites
                - Ran demonstrations of products for clients
                - Presented Embedded Team with overview of Linux kernel
                - Administrated various Linux, Windows, QNX machines

            Xerox                                                   Webster, NY
            Developer/Tester Intern                      April 1998 - Sept 1998
                - Created software tools to translate C header files to ONC RPC 
                  files and eventually to a Java implementation (Lex/Yacc)
                - Exercised a GUI with automated 4GL testing tools

Additional Information
                Experience with Solaris, Irix, QNX, Neutrino, DOS, Linux, 
		  Solaris, Windows, Delphi/Pascal, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, 
		  Assembly, Java, Python, Erlang, SQL, ArcGIS, FME, Oracle, 
		  PostGreSQL, MySQL, PHP, Flex/Flash, Object-Oriented Programming 
		  and Design