ECE 476 Final Project: TV/Keypad Interface for Winamp
Barry Rafkind
Jamie Schnapp
Craig Kiczek

MP3 is presently a household term; the reader will likely own a few, barring any intervention from the RIAA. Since it's not always practical to sit in front of a monitor and keyboard when you want to listen to music (e.g. in a car, on the couch, in the bathroom), we decided to create a novel user I/O system that interfaces with Nullsoft Winamp and removes the user somewhat from the computer itself. To this end, we designed and built a serial keypad input and TV output user interface for Nullsoft Winamp.

The project is an investigation of sorts, insofar as it shows that alternative I/O systems can be made. The structure of the system is easily adapted to more sophisticated (i.e. more expensive with a longer time-to-market) I/O peripherals, chosen based on the constraints of the application. While the serial keypad input isn't relatively complicated, TV output is, so we expect the Mega32 to be adequate for all but the most demanding of applications.