ECE 476 Final Project: TV/Keypad Interface for Winamp
Barry Rafkind
Jamie Schnapp
Craig Kiczek
MCU Code
project.c - core MCU functions, created with CodeVisionAVR
project_video_defs.h - video functions, includes, and character bitmaps
PlugIn Code
gen_wplug.cpp - C++ Code for the General Purpose PlugIn
Gen_wplug.h - Header file generated by Visual C++
frontend.h - Winamp API file that defines constants which control winamp's functionality when passed to the player
Gen.h - Winamp API file necessary for general purpose plugins
Vis.h - Winamp API file that defines visualization functions and structures
Resource.h - Visual C++ generated include file
Stdafx.cpp - Generated by Visual C++. Here, it contains nothing more than a link the Stdafx.h header file
Stdafx.h - Header file generated by Visual C++. It defines important constants for windows DLLs
Gen_wplug.rc & Gen_wplug.rgs - Resource files generated by Visual C++
gen_wplug.dll - The compiled PlugIn. Put this in the /PlugIns/ directory in your WinAmp/ folder